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My role as your bespoke ceremonialist is to create personalised celebrations, rites of passages and transformational experiences. My intention with every unique ceremony is that they reflect the essence, uniqueness and values that are important to you.

The moments in life that change us and shape our lives are given a greater sense of importance and reverence when we honour them with ceremony. Moments that mark us can be seen as doorways of transition into a new chapter, whether this be a child moving into adulthood, marriage, a death of a loved one, birthing children or projects, ending relationships or claiming a new name or identity.

Bringing consciousness to these changes allows us to step mindfully into a new beginning and there is no better way than through ceremony, ritual and special gatherings to mark the occasion with intention, heart and mindfulness. 

I love curating shamanically inspired bespoke ceremonies that feel potent, sacred and unique to the receiver. Ceremonies are the marker for change, whether the change has occurred, coming or desired for.  

There are many other types of ceremonies that can be uniquely crafted including commitment ceremonies, family gatherings, vow renewals, rites of passages, anniversaries, transitional occasions, blessings, conscious uncoupling ceremonies, pet honouring ceremonies, adoption, memorial services and other auspicious occasions.

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"I instantly felt comfortable in her powerful yet nurturing presence."

My experience with Jen was profound on many levels. She held space for me to explore my inner world, where I was able to shift some old energetic blocks that were holding me back. This made me feel supported and loved in my most vulnerable state. I look forward to many more ceremony journeys with her.

Emily-Skye - Owner and Director of Full Lotus Holistic Health Solutions




Experience clarity, higher perspectives and a lightness in your whole being that will transform you and the way you see the world around you.

Transition is when your circumstances change and transformation is when you change. This ceremony is designed to consciously bring you both. Create space within that magnetises the new life of a more healed and whole version of yourself. Live with the vitality of knowing the world is your oyster, experience the wonder and awe, like through the eyes of a child. Feel an excitement about life just getting started. Release the weight of past self-limitations, loss or pain and be reminded of the endless possibilities and perspectives this lifetime can offer you. 

Be guided through a uniquely tailored shamanic ceremony and experience clarity, higher perspectives and a lightness in your whole being that will transform you and the way you see the world around you.

Be initiated into your own life. Start again by feeling the power that runs through your body, mind and Soul. Reconnect to what you are truly capable of. Ignite the fire within and feel it erupt with the energy of motivation and inspiration. Turn the clock back and experience a reboot that gives you a reality connected to your joy, passion and magic.

Are you ready to welcome the death of your limiting aspects and birth the new and empowered?  



Sit in circle as our ancestors did.

Gather alongside your sisters.  Connect hearts, minds and spirits. Know you are not alone. Be celebrated. Be honoured. Be seen.

The ancient tradition of Women’s Circles creates a sacred space that offers healing, activation and transformation. Do you have a group of friends or family that you would like to hold ceremony with? This experience brings people together, it creates unity and harmony. A Women’s Circle Ceremony could be held as a unique way to connect or bond, it could honour a woman’s birthday, special milestone, divorce or celebrate their upcoming nuptials.



How a girl experiences her transition to womanhood creates a foundation and a story that will play out for the rest of her life.

This rite of passage needs to be honoured, revered, acknowledged, de-stigmatised and celebrated for the health and wellbeing of the individual and the community she moves within.

Celebrating this special moment is something many cultures have done for centuries, and still do. How she is received during this rite of passage tells her how she will be received as a woman by society. The importance of bringing this back into our modern culture is evident as all women who understand the important role they play in the world become inspiration and leaders for the future we are creating. This ceremony is suitable for girls transitioning to womanhood or for women wishing to heal the transition they experienced in the past.



Claim yourself through ceremony.

This ceremony literally changes lives, it’s an initiation and a rebirth. It creates a turning point for how you show up in this life and energetically connects you as the bridge between the consciousness of Mother Earth and the infinite wisdom of Great Spirit. The trajectory of your life realigns when you are initiated and declare a dedication to being in this service and consciously working with the help of your Guides, Ascended Masters and Higher Dimensional Beings. Be catapulted into your next-level of spiritual awakenings and understanding, jump onto your destiny timeline and bring purpose and passion into the life you lead.



Our Pets are our Family.

Our pets become our family and the grief we experience when they leave the earthly realm can be just as strong as losing a human companion. Sometimes we don’t get to say a proper goodbye, honour the life they’ve led or the imprint they’ve left on our hearts. In the Honouring Your Animal Ceremony we provide you with the opportunity to have a sacred experience that is fitting to farewell your furry friend.

Whether the loss is recent or in years past, this ceremony can help you to connect to their spirit, letting them know your love and helping them to find release.



Blessing the Mothers Way offers a prolonged support structure and celebration for the expectant mum through a spiritual and shamanic approach. 

Becoming a mother for the first, or any other time, is a pivotal experience in a woman's life.

It can be challenging to move through the stages of pregnancy, birth and postpartum. There are a myriad of changes in body, mind, emotions and spirit. When a woman feels energetically nourished and supported throughout this journey it impacts the wellbeing of all; baby, mum and those around them.

When we invest energy into the rite of passage a woman goes through during this time, it creates a strong foundation for the birthing process and the child's incarnation. 














"Jen holds the most incredible space, it’s so empowering and so heartfelt."

She sees the light within others and works to enhance it, multiply it and illuminate it. Her way of communicating & finding the wording around what you want to get out of it totally unravelled my most needed intentions for the session. She made it flow into this amazing journey and it all wrapped up so perfectly, by the end I was just so aware of the connection between everything and it created this sense of total understanding.

Shae F - Astrologer & Mother

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