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The State of Deep Enchantment

Uncategorized Nov 23, 2021

When joy, fun, excitement and your inner spark seem to be more acquaintances than friends these days, Sacred Play is your antidote.

Sacred play is about being, not doing. It’s the presence that you can attain in that being state. When our minds are in the past or future, the magic of the moment can’t seep into your Soul. 

 Sacred Play is a peace offering from the Universe, what makes this play sacred is when we find that presence within the moment of it, we can allow it to heal us, lighten our heart and uplift our Spirit.


 Whatever kind of Sacred Play calls to you, there must be a willingness and permission for it to touch your Soul. We can free ourselves from the mundane when we dive into the deep enchantment of the mythology that is our life. We can transcend the ordinary by creating our own cosmos as there is no limit to the human spirit.

 Surpass any fear of desire; excavate your spark from its hiding place; fire up your artistry and...

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SACRED PLAY - How to have fun as a grown up

Uncategorized Nov 16, 2021

Sacred Play makes me think of laughter, giggling and breathlessness.

Sacred Play makes me think of my heart, when it feels full to the brim and like it might simply burst from how much love it’s holding.

Sacred Play makes me think of treasured moments. The ones that when you are in them, time stands still, all of you is there and the essence of the experience can always be called back upon.

Sacred Play is vital to the health and wellbeing of all adults. Whilst it has similarities to the play we experienced as children, it has a different quality. It has to. What we find fun and entertaining will change over time. As we grow and evolve, so does everything in our lives.


Have you ever felt like you’ve forgotten how to have fun? You find yourself reminiscing about the old days when you felt happy and carefree? Yet, the style of fun you immersed yourself in then just isn’t in the playing field of your life anymore.

 Perhaps it was getting up to mischief with...

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How to melt into the ease and flow of Soul


Discovering your Soul desire gives you the stimulating fuel that motivates you to act, rather than hesitate. It becomes your WHY. You can call upon it in times of fear and doubt, as it shines a light for you to see by and creates a north star for you to follow.

To find your Soul Desire check out my previous blog titled How to discover your Soul desire.

A Soul desire is part of your Soul contract in this lifetime. It’s the experience your Soul most needs for growth and evolution. Often, we’ll find that the circumstances we’ve attracted in life so far have been the opposite of what you deeply desire, and this has been beautifully orchestrated for you, so you can come to conscious awareness and identify what it is you truly want to embody, feel and live.

To life-map with your Soul desire is a very simple process. Every day, every decision, every future plan and at every turn in your life path, come back to this deep part of yourself, this divine Soul desire, this WHY....

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How to Find your Soul Desire



To melt into divine desire requires us to open ourselves completely. A task not made easy if we are wearing too many cloaks of illusion and delusion. We must render null-in-void the shame, guilt and self-judgement we’ve been carrying about our hearts secret longings, and look within to really see what moves us.

As the ways of old crumble, crack and shatter within and around us we can sometimes wonder what’s real and what’s left.

It’s actually a beautiful thing, when you can soften, surrender and then shed the dismantled realities; it opens up the inner eye and allows you to see what’s been underneath it all along.

A Soul Desire is something that drives us, yet makes us feel at peace and fulfilled. It is the molten lava at the core of your volcano that motivates and inspires you to keep going, no matter the challenges you face or that test you along the way.

Divine desire is not to be confused with the passings of urges and...

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The Great Ascension and the New Earth

This information was downloaded from my Arcturian Spirit Guides who are part of the Galactic Federation from the 21st August 2021 onwards.


This vision of what is coming aligns very closely with many ancient prophecies. The concept of a New Earth, an ascension into 5D, even the governments secret programs like Project Looking Glass all elude to a massive event on the horizon that completely changes everything. Dolores Cannons work in Quantum Healing Hypnotherapy and the books she wrote from her findings also speak of the three waves of volunteers and the New Earth.


As this information continues to come through I have experienced a huge range of emotions. I urge you, before reading this, to ground yourself, still your mind and be open to receive an insight into what lays before us without fear clouding you. When we receive an energetic transmission we can be shifted and experience spiritual activations and awakenings. We then experience this shift in energy move through...

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The Beauty in the Mess

Uncategorized Jul 29, 2021

Sometimes we've got to let the pot boil over.

Let the tears flow, the anger bubble and the rage erupt.

Then, and only then can stillness return.

Our being can integrate the release, and the subtlety of love can infuse all those raw places.

Anything can tip us into the murky pond of fear and chaos, especially when we are already carrying loads upon our shoulders. Today I consciously cast them down, taking deep breaths to restore energy and balance. I'm not going to be held below the surface by this weight anymore.

It's time to RISE.

When something pulls our frequency down, like it's caught by an anchor we can't control, we plummet into the depths and wonder how long our breath will last.

In that dark place all the shadows come to life. The loneliness, despair, frustration and aggravation hustle around you, like thugs in a dark ally, beating you up from the inside.

As you lay on the wet, cold ground of your conscious experience, feeling every bump and bruise your ego has endured, the...

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How to Show up for your Soul

Uncategorized Jul 19, 2021
The time feels shorter.
The space feels smaller.
The turn around is quicker.
I guess that’s why we keep going.
(below I share how!)
You know when you hit a low, somewhere you’ve been before, and you’re like, ergh….you again!?
You know when you’ve faced this shadow before and this time when you see its ugly face you decide you aren’t gonna take its sh*t no more?
YES! That place is a brutaful place to be!
Brutal cause of the emotional rollercoaster it can take you on.
Beautiful cause it’s the catalyst for change we need.
I hit one of those points last week. Lions Gate has opened and Chiron also decided to take a trip retrograde, so all my lovely core wounds felt like it was time for a family reunion.
Even in the midst of tears and declaring to my Guides that I was DONE with this pattern, I was smiling on the inside.
I love getting to those gritty, emotional, crumbling-mess places.
Because I...
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How to live a ceremonial life

When I discovered shamanism it felt like coming home. I finally had names and context for the things I had just been doing throughout my life and honestly, it made me make more sense! Talking with nature, communicating with spirit and working with energy were normal and innate to me, so with relief and excitement my world became a lot more juiced up with it all. 

I’ve come to see life as one ongoing ceremony. Living a ceremonial existence woven with conscious intention creates a sacred and beautiful life. The most simple things are transformed, the mundane becomes special and before you know it, the world around you has metamorphosed into your own unique creation of magic and wonder.  

We are at a beautiful turning point for humanity. One where we are all being called to tap into our inner knowing for the answers we’ve been seeking. A spiritual practice will be unique for every person, and so it should be. How energy feels to you, how communicating with...

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What to do when life is no longer in integrity or in sync

The absolute worst person you can be in disagreement with is yourself. When we feel divided, perhaps broken, out of alignment or like we’ve strayed way off path, what can we do?


We all need to be reminded sometimes of how frikkin’ amazing and powerful we are. 


You know a lot. You’ve done a lot, experienced loads and learnt buckets about what it means to be you. Yet we all get those moments of temporary amnesia and convince ourselves that we’re not good enough, don’t know enough, aren’t something enough or perhaps we feel like we’re too much! Hopefully those moments are just temporary and you’ve got someone in your life that can hold a mirror up to you and remind you of ALL THAT YOU ARE, but if we hide in our not enough/too much cave long enough and keep our amnesia hidden to the world, we can quickly find our lives in a messy place that we just don’t know what to do.


First of all, I want to tell you that...

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What is energy hygiene and why is it so important

Ever been camping and days went by between a good hot shower and clean, fresh clothes? What about those days when you forget to brush your teeth in the morning? By late afternoon there’s that telltale fuzzy feeling that you can’t wait to brush away. Personal hygiene differs from person to person, some don’t mind a good dose of body odour, but I think most everyone can admit that there’s nothing quite like that freshly washed feeling, especially if you’re about to slip into bed with freshly laid sheets. 


Energy is everything yet because we can’t all see it with the naked eye, we can easily forget that it is the fabric of our existence. We are made of energy, our energy bodies connect to, pick up on, and are affected by the energy of people, things, emotions, the earth, the human collective, planetary bodies, the moon, animals, places and the list goes one. 


So how do we be hygienic with our energy? If we think about how we...

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