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Join us for this empowering 6 week group journey and find freedom from everything that blocks or drains you.


Level up how you protect, amplify and work with your energy and learn new ways to manage your energetic sensitivities and emotional terrain.


Energy Mastery Mentoring will strengthen your spiritual connection and show you how to tailor a life you love, with a new high-vibe normal, where managing your energy outputs is easy.  


Learn Shamanic techniques, energy rituals and practical applications for mastering energy in all areas of life.


We start Thursday, February 8th 2024 




Watch this video for an overview of the mentoring program. 




Knowing how, when and why to protect your energy will completely transform your experience of life. Don't let people, places or events drain you of this vital part of what makes you feel clear and vibrant.


Get ready to turn your frequency up! When you master your vibration you can do and be anything. This is how we feel more healthy, energised and ready to tackle whatever life throws at us. Get ready to amplify!


Now we get to the good stuff! Consciously work with your energy by channeling it into your creative projects, relationships and connection to spiritual guidance. Get aligned and craft the life of your dreams.


Get ready to access and work with all of your creative power

As the frequency of our beautiful planet goes through it's ascension, so do we. 


Mastering our energy, how we use it, clear it, protect it and work with it, is absolutely paramount to produce a life that we love.


This 6 week group mentoring program is designed to give you the tools, practices and knowledge to maintain badass boundaries and embodied power and purpose.


This expert wisdom is for those sensitive, tuned-in souls hungry to be more, do more and claim more of their life force energy.



When we master energy, we create a safe container for ourselves that allows us to flow with the beauty of life and make a positive impact on this world



 ☑️  Energetic clearing, protection and stronger spiritual connections

☑️  A shift in consciousness and expansion of your energetic field

☑️  Shamanic journeys, rituals, practices and energy healing that will activate your energetic awareness and capabilities

☑️  Weekly masterclasses, wisdom teachings, live energy exploration and Q&A 

☑️  6 Modules over 6 weeks exploring all things energy within a potent group




WHO IS THIS FOR: This is for you, my tuned-in friend. You who are energetically aware and may feel a bit sensitive to the energies at times! You’re spiritually open and keen to level up your energy skills to live your best life. You want to claim your power, feel connected to the biggest truth out there and be your most aligned self, every-single-day.

WHEN: Thursday evenings 7 - 8:30pm commencing 8th February.

WHERE: Edgeworth, NSW or Online via Zoom. Each week we will hold our masterclass in our beautiful Sacred Circle space in Edgeworth and also hold space for you to join us online if you can’t get to us in person.

Joining us in-person - bring journal and pen plus your water bottle. It is recommended to eat early so your body has a chance to digest before we get into the energy work each week! Arrive 6:45pm for a 7pm start. 

Joining us online - Make sure you’re in a spot where you can be undisturbed with a good internet connection. Have your journal, pen and water nearby. Each masterclass will be recorded and be made available to the whole group to watch again as many times as you’d like. Be online and ready by 7pm sharp.




Hi Love, I'm Jen

Overall wellbeing needs energy as one of its core foundations. As an energy healer and Medicine Woman the tools, practices and strategies that I use everyday ensure I stay in alignment and on the right path. They keep me connected to my Spirit team, healthy in body and mind, and in my power. 

 …and I want to share them with you! 

Within The School of Sacred Shamanic Arts I work as an Shamanic Healing Practitioner, Ceremonialist and Mentor. I guide spiritual seekers so you come into full alignment, connect to your purpose, and make a bigger impact in this world. 

The School of Sacred Shamanic Arts offers us a place to come together and raise the frequency. Gathering consciously in groups, sharing wisdom, learning and embodying new ways of being creates such a potent, healing and transformational space. 

When we connect with our tribe and embark on these transformational journeys together it amplifies the shifts available to us and the speed in which our reality changes. This is the magic of these programs and working with the energy they offer.

My deepest wish is to impart the sacred arts and core principles of Shamanism through the teachings, healings and ceremonies I offer, where we recognise the interconnectedness of all beings, the importance of nature and the spiritual realms - which at its base is all energy.

Join me on this adventure of raising consciousness on the planet and creating a world that we love to live and play in. 

I look forward to sharing sacred space with you.

What Our Students Say... 


“Jen Majenta Moon will show up for you and make you feel safe and loved.”

Jen Majenta Moon is as authentic as it gets. There are many, many spiritual teachers and guides showing up on our social feeds. It’s sometimes difficult to discern the genuine ones. Jen is absolutely one of the good ones. She shows up in her own truth and vulnerability, she is respectful, articulate, passionate and most of all shows up as love every time. She has obviously done a lot of her own shadow work and is an experienced shamanic practitioner.

~ Rebecca

“Jen is so authentic and warming. Her energy is so comforting to be around. I feel like she knows what you need before you know!” 

There was so much to enjoy, where do I start! Jen is so divine, her energy is all encompassing. The group dynamic is beautiful and meeting new sisters and learning new practices, I feel, were both for life. 

I’m extremely grateful to have had this experience in more ways than I can explain. Don’t hesitate. Jen is so beautiful and somehow knows what you need.


Jen is beautiful, elegant and wise beyond her years - a master facilitator.

I enjoyed your presence, your softness and authenticity. 

Jen Majenta Moon gifts 1000%, she is super passionate about Ritual and Ceremony, has extensive knowledge and facilitates from the heart with total presence of BE-ing to guide you on your journey home to YOU.

~ Shirley Ann



The Modules


Welcome Week
You know that feeling, when you embark on something new and you can feel the expansiveness of the journey ahead of you calling to your soul? Enjoy the sense of landing in the potent space of this energetic container, knowing you are exactly where you need to be and get ready for the personal activations about to take place! In module one we’ll be exploring our energy bodies, energy channels and how working shamanically is where we can create real change. We’ll set the tone for our time together and make sure you are energetically set to receive all the wisdom teachings, healings and practices that await you. Life is about to get real! 


Raising your Energetic Intelligence
Knowledge is power, right!? Discover how to identify those draining energetic attachments and heavy energetic influences, and learn to work with the energetic terrain that being human comes with. When we don’t feel grounded or present, or the scattered, monkey mind is busy at work, it’s time to take back command and remove all those influences stopping you from being your best self. Level up with some powerful energy body practices that are guaranteed to transform how you work with your most precious resource, your energy.



The What, When and How of Keeping You and Your Space Energetically Clear
Taking aligned, divine inspired action in your life is going to feel a whole lot easier! When you know how to clear energy you’ve got a fast-track way to feel lighter, energised and more at peace within your being. Learn tried and true techniques that will tap you back into your resourcefulness and decision making capabilities. Flow with the energy, rather than against it, and dive into the precision of these shamanic and spiritual practices so that you ensure your energy bodies have the best chance to work at optimum level.


Protection, Permission & Amplification
Feel safe and secure, even when you’re in the stormy weather of life. You don’t need to take on all of that energy from all those people, places and events, cause it’s not yours! Know when you need a protective shield to block intense, exhausting energies and how to strengthen healthy energetic boundaries by working with energetic permission. Manage those ever growing sensitivities as our frequency and consciousness expands, and enjoy the sensation of amplifying your energy and deepening into your purpose. You’ll activate a new level of motivation and inspiration in your life, plus (as a big bonus!) this is what increases your capacity to receive clear guidance from the spiritual realms.



Dissolving Energy Cords & Using Energy to Heal
Be your own energy healer with self-healing practices that help you to shift out of low moods, brain fog and overwhelm. Own your power again by dissolving the energetic cords that sap you of your strength, clarity and motivation. Clear blocks and get your mojo back for life by using energy as medicine. Your energy should be working for you, first and foremost, before you consciously decide to invest it in other areas. It's absolutely mind-blowing to see how much energy can be feeding past situations and relationships, having a devastating impact on the present day. Get confident to self-heal, shift energetic obstacles and use your energetic transmissions to keep you on the frequency of feeling good. 



Clean Energy with Intimate Partners and Channelling Energy for Creative Projects
Whether you are single, partnered, enjoy intimacy with many or it's been a while, this module will make things so much cleaner in the realms of sensuality and sexuality. Let's clean up those deep energetic connections created with those you open up to intimately (past and present!) and enjoy energetically safe sexual connections. When we channel the right life-force energy, using conscious intention, into relationships, creative projects, personal goals and future visions, that’s when the magic happens and you start experiencing a life that feels inspired, aligned and purposeful. 


We start Thursday, February 8th 2024


Own your power and be your greatest, most aligned self.

There are limited spots available for both the in-person and online mentoring options. Both are guaranteed to be as powerful and transformational as each other! Energy is not bound by time nor space.

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$650.00 AUD


$650.00 AUD


Your investment of $650 gives you

 ☑️  access to our 6 weekly Energy Mastery Masterclasses.  

 ☑️  Lifetime access to the masterclass replays

☑️  and 24/7 access to our intimate group forum.

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