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I could feel it, sense it and communicate with it.  

I always knew that this unseen world was important - more than that - it was needed, it just took me a while to figure out how to show others the pivotal role it plays for us all. With one foot in the spirit realm and one foot on earth I learnt to be the bridge between the physical and the spiritual, channelling the guidance I received. It wasn’t an easy ride, being a starseed child with all the knowing, sensing, believing and seeing.

Here I am, older, wiser, stronger and braver - standing tall in my vulnerability and rawness, ready to let this Soul work be the guiding force and bright light, not only for myself as well as those whom I serve. 

I’m here to forge a path where our culture embraces the world of energy and spirit, weaving its power through all we do.

My heartfelt desire is to guide, educate and inspire you to bravely embrace your expansion and transformation. I’m here to make this a fun, enlightening and unique experience. When we welcome in our powerful energetic allies and craft a life with conscious intention, nothing can stop us from manifesting our dreams and being in full alignment with our Soul's purpose.   



Nurtured by an awake mother I was encouraged to speak to my higher spirit and the world around me as if they were friends and allies. Such a natural thing it was to see the spirit in everything.

Being a highly sensitive empath had it’s painful moments, with many a tear shed, however it was the schooling I needed to ‘see’ the energetic world. I had to become familiar with it in order to learn how to live and survive.

I found comfort in change.

Many jobs, many house moves, many shifts and changes were all undertaken to find myself. I didn’t quite realise this at the time, but retrospect is a beautiful thing. All the many changes aided to help me find out what my magic and medicine looked and felt like when it was truly alive.


I longed for something, some way, somehow, to use all the things I loved in a way that would make a difference in the world.     

I was on the stage from the tender age of 4, my love of creating fantasy worlds fed through acting, singing and dancing. The event management industry however was the first arena that felt like a career I could really sink my teeth into. I worked with theatrical designers and artistic performers in a variety of settings and my organisational skills were in high demand. 


















I thought I'd found THE career path to follow...  

I travelled around the world, working with a myriad of people and witnessing an industry that I developed a love/hate relationship with.  

I witnessed people being used and abused and the environmental impact was heartbreaking. My own health and wellbeing received blow after blow before I finally crawled away from the last big overseas gig and knew it that I'd had enough.

Little rituals and my spiritual practises kept me afloat, but I was effectively in the spiritual closet. I was in the dark and I longed for more; more information, more guidance and more connection. I had to get to the bottom and find out what this human experience was all about and what I was here for...


I craved a life where it  felt safe to be the real me...


I knew that I was supposed to work in a spiritual way and help people on their journeys through life. Yet I still had to live a somewhat normie existence for a while, chase the career dream, party, be ignorant to what my body, heart and mind actually needed, to be able to appreciate the value in what was on the other side.

Shamanism found me. 

I was the ready student, so the teachers appeared. I remember the excitement, the ‘aha’ moments and the expansiveness at discovering a life path that fit all of me. I had found a channel that allowed me to use all of the things I loved and all of the things I was good at. 



Ceremony, Spirit and Energy changed me 

When I experienced first hand the incredible impact ceremonies had during my time with the Shamanic School of Womancraft, I knew I had found my calling.

I loved the mystery and sacred theatre feeling of ceremony, it was like a form of spiritual performance art and it had me hooked. I’d found a way to use my passions, help others and make a difference in the world. 

Events, workshops and programs all began to emerge, creating evident transformation for those who attended. 

One day it just dawned on me - I’m doing it. I’m working with spirit, I’m being creative, I’m running my own business and I love it! Everything I had done up until now had been in preparation for this.

Being a Medicine Woman, Shamanic Practitioner and Bespoke Ceremonialist is my calling. 

Nice to meet you

I’m Jennifer Majenta Moon


It's time for us all to BE OUR OWN MEDICINE WOMEN. The artistry and craft of ceremonies and conscious spiritual practices are reemerging in the new world we are beginning to discover. Indigenous cultures across the globe know the importance of ceremony and connecting with the unseen realms, for the individual and the community. 

I call upon the ancient wisdom available to us and the spiritual guidance from my team to bring forth a new era in our westernised culture. 

A life of ceremony, spirit and energy creates sacredness and beauty, it supports change and growth. A healthy society needs spiritual and energetic practises woven throughout it and I am honoured to be a weaver and teacher of such magic and medicine at this time.



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