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Jennifer Majenta Moon is a Shamanic Ceremonialist, Healer, Ritual Performance Artist and Spiritual Guide. She is a true advocate for the importance of how to create ritual to manifest your work and dreams into becoming your reality, and is best recognised for her craft in providing spiritual medicine as healing.

With a comprehensive career in the industry spanning over 25 years, Jennifer Majenta Moon creates potent transformative spaces, curates exclusive experiences and facilitates intimate healings for people drawn to the realms of the Spiritual and Shamanic. 

After decades working in large scale events and theatre industries, as well as years in leadership devoted to the esoteric, she has founded the School of Sacred Shamanic Arts creating a space for education and application of working with ceremony, spirit and energy. Through events, training programs and curated experiences she creates a framework that supports individuals and practitioners to find a deeper connection to their life and work through ritual and ceremony whilst expanding their perspective and consciousness.

Her superpower is opening others up to see their inner landscape of magic and innate power so they can live a life of purpose, passion and full potential. Jennifer Majenta Moon educates and empowers her clients and community in understanding and embracing the 'new way walking', where living a beautiful, spiritual and sacred life is common practice.

She believes that life is best celebrated with ceremonial living and loves to provide intimate, bespoke ceremonies to honour our Rites of Passages and curate exquisite and unique sacred experiences that her clientele honour for a lifetime. 

Jennifer MAjENTA Moon carves a legacy of high vibration, helping others to awaken and activate their Soul’s potential. As her message and medicine awakens the deepest truth within, she takes us on a sensory journey that taps into the body, mind and heart.

Jennifer MAjENTA Moon lives near Newcastle, an area in New South Wales, Australia best known for its beautiful beaches and famous Lake Macquarie. When she isn’t crafting ceremonies or facilitating journeys, you can find her bush walking, soaking up nature or creating art.


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Deepest gratitude to
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Want a Ceremonalist for your next function? 


Majenta Moon educates,

entertains & enlightens audiences with her unique,

grounded & real approach to consciousness,

energy & spirituality. 




Enhance Your Event


Educate, entertain and enlighten your guests and clients with a unique, grounded and real approach to consciousness, energy and spirituality. Open, close or enrich your event with a mesmerizing ceremonial performance that inspires and awakens.

Transform your retreat or workshop with a potent activation. Jen shares the sacred craft and artistry of ritual and ceremony globally, inspiring a legacy of cultural change.

Jennifer is a pioneer fusing ancient traditions with contemporary needs, serving as a Spiritual Guide in a practical, consumable and captivating way.


Sacred Craft meets the Artistry of Ritual


Jennifer Majenta Moon's mesmerizing ceremonial performances inspire and awaken, transforming your events with an invocation of raw power and high frequency.

Jennifer teaches the sacred craft and artistry of ritual and ceremony to women, practitioners and her community, inspiring a legacy of cultural change.




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