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Get ready to facilitate from a whole new frequency with clarity and confidence


Join us for this powerful 2 day SACRED SPACE CERTIFICATION training and transform the way your work impacts other people's lives.


If you are a practitioner, healer, teacher, facilitator or change-maker, this experiential learning experience will give you the confidence to bring your work to the world in a whole new way.  


Level up how you work with your own energetic reserves so you’re not left feeling drained, stretched or overwhelmed.


Sacred Space Certification will move you through your blocks and strengthen your capacity to create deeply profound and sacred experiences for your clients, groups and audiences.


This training is designed for anyone who holds space for others or for those wanting to move into group facilitation or one on one client work.


Our LAST Certification Training for the year!
Saturday 28th & Sunday 29th October, 2023 



Watch this video for an overview of the certification training & testimonials from our students 

"I absolutely loved the Sacred Space Certification training. This was just so comprehensive, which is really helpful for my detailed mind. To be able to just really get down to the nitty-gritty and feel like I've got that broad scope of understanding to be able to manage things as they come up.
I found working with the directions really beautiful. I really got a sense of them coming in and having their presence known, which was a beautiful relationship for me to be able to start working with them moving forward."
- Loz



Be a pro at holding space for yourself so you can remain calm amongst the chaos. Learn how to keep your energy clear and high so you can keep the momentum going, the creativity flowing and the wisdom channelling through you.


Master the techniques of creating physical, energetic and emotional safe space. Take people on a journey within the sacred space you hold that allows them to be present and open to receive. Your clients will come back time and time again.


This isn’t a pen to paper type of training. You’ll be taken through a deeply transformational shamanic experience where you get to release, smash through your obstacles and step into a brand new vibration. This experiential journey shows you how it's done. 


This makes the difference between your Soul work being a hobby vs a successful career 

Have you ever hit an energetic wall, keep feeling run down or come up against your own ‘stuff’ (hello shadow work!) and not been sure how to get back in flow to keep showing up for what you’re here to do?


What about those times when you’re doing spiritual or energetic work in the world and you become drained, depleted, overwhelmed, or even fearful? How long does it take you to get back out there and do what you came here for?


This foundation building knowledge makes all the difference to manage it all. 



In our tailored shamanic weekend workshop you will be safely held and guided through two deeply powerful and transformative ceremonial experiences.


These ceremonies give you the tangible experience of what is possible when held in sacred space and by the end of the weekend you'll
catapult into a new, high vibe state of being.


Show up stronger and clearer for your work, your relationships and yourself by learning how to maintain your energy, clarity, motivation and drive.

"It surpassed my expectations, it was such a deep process. It was very good because it felt like everything was structured, but then there was a deeper journey inside of that structure of ceremony and ritual, and I’d forgotten the power of rituals. I feel wowed by it actually, like something massive shifted.
I feel more deeply connected to how I can incorporate ritual and ceremony in my everyday life and in any situation."
- Sevgi

As the Space Holder, you have the power to transform lives


"My biggest and most profound transformational experiences have happened because of the way they were facilitated. When I felt held, safe and supported they enabled me to go deep and come out the other side stronger and wiser." - Majenta Moon




 ☑️  Potent ceremonial experiences that will help you to release, heal, transform and manifest.

☑️  Shamanic journeys, rituals, practices and energy healing that will activate your energetic awareness and capabilities.

☑️  A transformational experience that connects you with a community of conscious, like-minded and like-hearted women.

☑️  2 Day immersive, in-person experiential weekend workshop that equips you to work with clients, groups and audiences in a new way.

☑️  4 different daily energy rituals + beautiful PDF workbooks on everything we covered filled with resources, rituals and ceremonies for you to try, as well as after training and integration support.



  • You are a practitioner, healer, facilitator or space holder that would love to enhance your service and create greater impact with new techniques and energetic tools.
  • You want to know more about energy; how to clear and maintain your own, as well as being able to help clients, groups and friends.
  • You’re interested in shamanism and want new ways to access spiritual guidance, intuition and higher wisdom.
  • You love to perform rituals and ceremonies and want to learn more about what’s possible.
  • You are energetically sensitive or an empath that feels everything and want some new ways to use this to your advantage.
  • You find yourself ‘holding space’ for friends, clients, family or colleagues but sometimes feel wiped out afterwards.
  • You want to know how to offer clients or groups an experience that is transformational yet is emotionally and energetically safe for them and yourself.




"This seriously is a phenomenal training. I know I can bring this into my teaching work to share with others. It's also a really powerful way to upgrade my own transformation practices that will help me to elevate my energy frequency and keep it that way. I’m so happy because there's powerful information around energetic tools and upkeep (that work!), and how we can live our best lives in our day to day life. I can feel a big difference and I can’t wait to apply it to my everyday work."
- Rachael



  • Set up a sacred space and take your clients, groups and students (and yourself!) on transformational journeys.
  • Look after yourself energetically whilst performing spiritual and energy practices.
  • Safely open and close sacred space to work within & set clear intentions for ritual and ceremony work.
  • Hold space for others without getting drained, depleted, fearful or overwhelmed.
  • Deal with emotional responses to energetic releases and be a confident ceremonial practitioner using safe energetic practices.
  • Create sacred space both in the physical and energetic planes whilst nurturing a deeper connection to the elements and directions.
  • Improve the impact and reach of your work by applying shamanic practices and sacred space techniques to your offerings (whatever industry, style or application that is!).




Hi Love, I'm Jen

I am passionate about healing, transformation and raising consciousness, and I have experienced firsthand how Shamanic and energy-wise practices have helped me to transform personally and professionally.

As a facilitator and energy worker the tools, practices and strategies that I use everyday ensure I stay in alignment and on the right path. They keep me connected to my Spirit team, healthy in body and mind, and in my power. 

 …and I want to share them with you! 

Within The School of Sacred Shamanic Arts I work as an Shamanic Healing Practitioner, Ceremonialist and Mentor. I guide spiritual seekers, practitioners and those here to share your vital work with the world to come into full alignment, connect to your purpose, and make a bigger impact in this world. 

When we connect with our tribe and embark on these transformational journeys together, it amplifies the shifts available to us and the speed in which our reality changes. This is the magic of these immersive workshops and working with the energy they offer.

My deepest wish is to impart the sacred arts and core principles of Shamanism through the teachings, healings and ceremonies I offer, where we recognise the interconnectedness of all beings, the importance of nature and the spiritual realms.

Join me on this adventure of raising consciousness on the planet and creating a world that we love to live, work and play in. 

I look forward to sharing sacred space with you.

"Wow, life changing! The Sacred Space Certification training has helped me to heal and feel more connected to myself. It was just an overwhelming and absolutely beautiful experience, not just for the work I do, but also for my personal growth and spiritual journey. It’s a privilege to meet you and connect to beautiful souls and beautiful like-minded people. I highly recommend everyone to take this opportunity and do it for yourself. It's just amazing."
- Annamaria



28th & 29th October 2023 

2 Day Training held in Edgeworth, NSW Australia
9am - 5:30pm Sat & Sun





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Your investment of $595 gives you 

 ☑️  access to our deeply immersive in-person weekend training.  

 ☑️  Daily energy rituals + PDF workbooks of the content to keep.

☑️  and after training and integration support.

Payment Plans available - reach out to discuss [email protected]


Become a master facilitator and transform yourself with this life changing shamanic experience. 


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Get ready for Magic to Manifest

Living a ceremonial life isn’t limited to just the work you do or the little rituals you perform behind closed doors.

It’s a lifestyle choice. 

When we apply the fundamental learnings of shamanic ritual and ceremony to our business, our practice, our relationships and to ourselves - miracles happen.

We become more aware, more conscious and more able to manifest the things we desire into our physical experience.

Empower yourself, this certification training equips you to deal with the changes that are inherent in this human existence.  

It provides you with a leading edge for your practice with clients.


It makes life more sacred and more beautiful by changing your perspective on reality.




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