What is a Shamanic Healing?

A shamanic healing is a type of energy healing which is based on the shamanic practitioner accessing information and energetic medicine from other dimensions via spirit guides. Shamanic Healings can assist with a wide variety of physical, emotional and mental challenges, it is a form of channelling energy that helps to remove blockages and work with the multi-dimensionality of the person. Shamanic healing can identify energy imbalances around the different energetic bodies and works to bring the body back into a state of balance, well being and harmony.

The energy imbalances may be related to a physical condition, past trauma or are rooted in an underlying emotional, mental or spiritual thought pattern, conditioning or belief. These can stem from past lives, childhood experiences, trauma, external influences and more. Shamanic sessions provide healing at the Soul level and have the ability to focus on the identification and understanding of existing thought patterns, beliefs and behaviours, and work to transform these for deep shifts in perspective and experienced reality. The Shamanic practitioner operates as the ‘hollow bone’ for the Spirit guidance to work through them for the client to receive. 

The beautiful modality of shamanism dates back millenia. Shamanic practitioners become the bridge between the physical and the spiritual realms, accessing guidance to help facilitate healing on an energetic level which in turn affects the physical, emotional and mental aspects of a person. This gentle yet powerful practice has the potential to completely shift physical pain, emotional baggage and Soul wounds - gifting the receiver a new lease on life.


in a Shamanic Healing Session

During a healing session we aim to identify the healing desire and intention of the person we are working with. Do they have physical symptoms, emotional pain or do blocks seem to be preventing them from moving forward in the direction of their true heart's desire?

Within a sacred space we will find what needs to be cleared which can include a range of things such as influencing energies from past lives, entities, ET interference or other. We work with the inner child and aspects of Self that may be holding onto past trauma or limiting beliefs. Through a guided practice called Shamanic journeying you are taken into the shamanic realm to receive insights, guidance, healing, activations and more. 



We can do your session online via zoom or in-person from my therapy space in Edgeworth, NSW Australia. When I am interstate running workshops and training I may also be able to facilitate in-person sessions when possible. Energy work has a deep and lasting impact even when done digitally. Spirit and Energy are not bound by time or space and an online session is just as potent and effective as in person, plus it allows you to be in the comfort of your own home. 

If you resonate with this kind of energy work, regular to semi-regular Shamanic Healings post your initial sessions is a great way to grow personally and spiritually as we can continue to unravel our blocks and limitations. Healing on a physical, mental, emotional and energetic level requires dedication and consistency whilst we’re in this human form.


What sort of Shamanic stuff do you do?

Every Shamanic Healing session is directed by the Spirit Guides and I will be guided to what you most need for your healing intention for the session. Some Shamanic techniques include:

  • Soul Retrieval
  • Chakra clearing and repair
  • Past Life Healing
  • Entity influence clearing and removal
  • Inner child healing
  • Energy body upgrades and activations
  • Auric field healing, restoring and closing of portals
  • Soul contract understanding and adjustments
  • Energetic cord cutting
  • Black magic, sorcery and voodoo healing and curse removal
  • Light code activations and energetic transmissions
  • Rites of Passage initiations
  • Ancestral line and lineage trauma healing
  • Womb healing and activations
  • Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine healing and awakening
  • Psychic surgery
  • Star family connections
  • Energetic initiations


This list is not exhaustive as it’s common for new techniques and approaches to come through from the Guides during sessions. We can also have Masters, Ascended Masters, Star Beings and Higher Dimensional beings join us to provide new levels of understanding and energetic medicine. It’s advised not to be fixated on the type of healing technique you want during a session as it might not be what you actually need. Be open to allowing your Soul to dictate the session. All you need to do is show up! The rest will happen as it is meant to.


What tools do you use during a Shamanic Healing?

The tools used during a Shamanic Healing session will vary and be guided by your Soul and our unconditionally loving Spirit Guides. Sometimes no tools will be required and the energetic transmission will occur through my voice, other times tools that may be sued include:

  • Sage smoke for smudging (used for cleansing energy)
  • Sound - including Crystal Singing Bowl, chimes, drumming, Native American Flute, Claps sticks, bells, chants, singing, whistling etc 
  •  Essential Oil room sprays
  • Pendulum for dowsing information
  • Oracle cards
  • Animal Medicine
  • Guided Meditation and Shamanic Journeying
  • Crystals


90 min Initial
Shamanic Session

This session is for those of you who are new to my services & this is your first appointment. Your session will include an additional 30 minutes, an assessment of your current life circumstances and areas of concern. Each session is unique as I tune into your individual needs & allow guidance to come through to direct the healing that will most benefit you. 

For new clients only in person or online
90 min session - $180


60 min Shamanic
Healing Session

This session is for clients who have seen me before who are having a follow up session or need an energetic check in and clean up. We will assess what’s happening for you, identify influencing factors and get clear on your intention for the session. Each session will be specifically directed to best serve your current needs and may include a range of healing techniques as described on this page.

In person or online 
60 min session - $180


Long Shamanic
Healing Session

This session is for clients who have seen me before and feel they need a longer session for us to dive deep into your current circumstances and specific dealing desires. We will assess what’s happening for you, identify influencing factors and get clear on your intention for the session. Each session will be specifically directed to best serve your current needs and may include a range of healing techniques.

In person or online 
90 min session - $222


Akashic Records Reading

During this session we will dive into the journey of your Soul & tap into past lives that can offer insight & guidance for your current day reality. Access the power, wisdom & messages that your Spirit Guides & other life times can offer to help transform perspectives, beliefs and possibilities. Leave this encounter confident in your path forward and activated in your Souls mission. 

60 min online session - $180


Spirit Guide Reading

As a Shamanic Spiritual Medium I bring through messages from Spirit Guides, Ancestors, Angels & Inter-dimensional beings to provide you with insight, support & perspectives that align you with your passion and purpose. Discover how to navigate those shadows and blocks in life and leave feeling activated, inspired with connection to your Spirit Guide and to the higher realms of wisdom and love. 

60 min online session - $180


Letting Go
Ceremony & Healing

Are you experiencing a sense of grief or loss, or finding it hard to move on after saying goodbye to someone or something? This ceremony experience allows you to cleanly dissolve the energetic cords that may be draining your energy and keeping you longing or attached to what has gone. With reverence, respect and gratitude we can move on and find renewed hope, and vitality. In person or online

90 min session - $222



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