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Are you ready to harness new ways to enrich your everyday experience + the impact your work can have?

 The Foundations of Ceremony is a in-person live & digital journey for women designed to offer you the fundamentals for working with Ceremony, Spirit & Energy in all areas of life.

Expressions of interest now being accepted for the next 4 week program to be held in 2022.


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new practices that make a tangible difference to how you experience life, relationships and work.


yourself practically and energetically to deal with whatever life throws at you with a kick-ass life toolkit.


your capacity to read the language of spirit and energy revolutionising the way you can be of service to others.


Welcome to the world of Ceremony!


In ancient times women were born into lives filled with ceremony. They had priestesses, shamans, medicine women, witches, seers and oracles. They were nurtured and taught the artistry and craft of ceremony.

Today, we don’t need to fit into one of these roles to harness and benefit from the incredible power that ceremonial practices give us.

There are some core basics in the world of ceremony. This curated program will equip you with the fundamentals so you can start putting them into practice straight away. The fundamentals include an understanding of intentions, connecting to spiritual guidance, energy wise practises, sacred space essentials and what tools and resources can be used for ceremony.




Do you want to explore new ways to connect to higher guidance and spiritual insights?


Ceremony and ritual offers the conscious mind space to process emotions and integrate changes.

Ceremony is an ancient practise that is woven through every culture on earth. It has been fundamental to the building of societies and the wellbeing of cultures. The artistry and craft of ceremonies is emerging and reestablishing its presence in the new world we are beginning to discover. Indigenous cultures across the globe know the importance of ceremony for the individual and the community. A healthy society needs spiritual and energetic practises woven throughout it and I am honoured to welcome you to the new era where the weaving of such magic and medicine is here for you to learn.


Learn how to weave Ceremony, Spirit & Energy into your work, relationships & lifestyle.

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  • Are a practitioner that would love to enhance your service with new techniques and energetic tools.
  • Love to perform rituals and ceremonies and want to learn more about what’s possible.
  • Feel a resonance with ancient cultures that practiced ritual and ceremony as a way of life.
  • Have a curiosity about shamanic practices or shamanism in general.
  • Want to connect into deeper aspects of your Divine Feminine nature and activate the magic within you.
  • Are an empath or sensitive that ‘feels’ everything.
  • Desire to feel more connected - to yourself, to your Soul, to your Spirit team, to others and to the work you do.
  • Want new ways to access spiritual guidance, intuition and higher guidance.
  • Have a love of creating beautiful, sacred feeling spaces.
  • Want to know more about energy; how to clear and maintain your own as well as being able to help others.
  • Find yourself ‘holding space’ for friends, clients, family or colleagues but sometimes feel drained afterwards.
  • Need to know how to look after yourself when relating to others and to learn new tools to create conscious change in your life.
  • Want to know how to offer clients or groups an experience that is transformational yet emotionally and energetically safe.


journey offers a cauldron of teachings, experiential learnings, tools, techniques and practices to transform, expand and magnify everything you do.


Hi Love, I'm Jen 

Weaving magic, mysticism and the esoteric into the world has always been my passion.

I’m a Ceremonialist, Shamanic Practitioner and a Spiritual Mentor, I believe ceremony is how we bring the intangible world of energy and spirit into the physical reality we experience. It is magic in action. Ceremonies create markers in our lives, they symbolise change, rebirth and renewal.

The expertise I offer women allows them to create a divine life - a spirit led life - and feel in connection to all that is. I’m committed to being a living example of the ‘new way walking’ here on Earth. Where we live in accordance and balance with the planet, our communities and ourselves. 

I’m excited. The collective frequency is rising, can you feel it?

People are waking up in droves and what once used to be woo woo is now being recognised as the norm.

We need confident, equipped practitioners (and people!) in the world during this transformational time that can hold the light and show the way so we can all move into the next phase of humanity with a bit more ease.

I love that I get to share my passion through ceremonial, ritual and energetic offerings to assist you to do just that.

I believe transformation, growth and expansion can be fun, creative and joyous. That’s the way I teach it and the way I choose it to be.

I look forward to journeying with you.

Imagine your best life where everything feels sacred and beautiful...

Living a ceremonial life isn’t limited to just the work you do or the little rituals you perform behind closed doors. It’s a lifestyle choice. When we apply the fundamental learnings of ritual and ceremony to our business, our practice, our relationships and to ourselves - miracles happen. We become more aware, more conscious and more able to manifest the things we desire into our physical experience.


  • Live a ceremonial life
  • Go on a shamanic journey
  • Set clear intentions for ritual and ceremony
  • Hold space for yourself and others
  • Create sacred space both in the physical and energetic planes
  • Be energy wise with a variety of energy hygiene practices
  • Open and close sacred ceremonial space safely
  • Work with spiritual guidance
  • Deal with emotional responses to energetic releases 
  • Be a confident ceremonial practitioner using safe energetic practices
  • Apply ceremony, spirit and energy to the work you do (whatever industry, style or application that is!)

Feel safe and at ease traversing this rollercoaster world by having a strong anchor to ground and connect you

Client Praise 

“Jen’s training style is so supportive, expansive, validating, strengthening and grounding.”

I have been receiving ceremonial teachings and healings by Jen and it's made a huge impact in my life. As a full time practitioner myself, I need to keep immaculate spiritual and energetic hygiene, and Jen is someone who has my back in all aspects and someone I feel truly safe with!

~Tina O. Mystic, Medium, Mentor

“Her depth of knowledge and insight continues to open my eyes to what's possible and what's out there.” 

Jen is a powerful woman with true inner wisdom, including a vast knowledge of shamanic practices and ritual. Jens diverse spiritual belief and her truly trusting and empathetic nature are channelled into her every encounter with love, devotion and understanding. Her teachings touched me like no other and honestly, changed my life.

~Michelle W. Artist & Teacher

“Jen is always a fantastic and intuitive guide. She knows how to show you the right path for your journey.”

Before working with Jen I was stuck in a place where I couldn't find myself, as a result of the program I understood that I can make all the changes that I want in my life. And I did! Thanks to Jen I have questioned myself about my truth, my desires and my feelings. I found the path that makes me feel grateful everyday. She has a clear vision, and a refreshing way to show your options from a wide and higher perspective. 

~Adriana M. Soul Portrait Photographer & Artist


In The Foundations of Ceremony program you receive:

  • 4 Module digital program
  • 4 Live (in-person or digital!) potent ceremonial workshops 
  • 4 weeks of Ceremony, Spirit, Energy and Ritual
  • 4 fully guided Ceremonies for you to keep
  • 4 different daily energy practices for you to keep
  • Guided Shamanic journeys and explorations
  • Potent opening ceremony to initiate the energetic portal
  • Beautiful workbook with resources, rituals and ceremonies for you to try
  • Nourishing closing ceremony to contain the journeys energetic transmission
  • Unlimited support in an intimate, loving private group
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 It's Ritual & Ceremony 101!

Weave and cultivate sacredness into the new culture that is emerging within our society. Ceremony is an ancient practise, an art form, and it’s a potent tool for transformation. This sacred work will open you to aspects of yourself that may have laid dormant for lifetimes. 



What you'll receive:


4 Module digital program

THE FOUNDATIONS OF CEREMONY is a digital program designed to give you the fundamental foundations to live and work a ceremonial life. One of balance, high frequency, creativity and transformation.


4 Live and Potent Ceremonial workshops 

You get to experience 4 Live, Interactive workshops with Q&A, coaching, conversations, shamanic journeys, ceremony and ritual. All will be held in a beautiful therapy space in Edgeworth, NSW Australia and also on zoom with replays available in the online portal.


4 weeks of Ceremony, Spirit, Energy and Ritual

You will receive a deep dive into all things ceremony, spirit, energy and ritual with a myriad of new tools, techniques and practices to try out and use to see tangible results. The guided shamanic journeys, opening and closing ceremonies and myriad of rituals explored throughout the program will let you experience first hand what living a ceremonial life looks like.


4 weeks of Deep Immersion

THE FOUNDATIONS OF CEREMONY comes with 4 Ceremony videos and guides plus beautiful workbooks to sink into. Here you will receive the learnings, tools, techniques and practices we will explore in a written format so you can revisit, try out, experiment with and deepen into at your own pace. Each week a new daily energy practice will be offered so you can start to work with your energy and see tangible changes in your life.


4 weeks of Intimate and Conscious Community

Join our conscious community of magical women who are here to impact the world with their unique essence and energy. Share the journey of exploring the fundamentals of ritual and ceremony together and create a sacred life - a purposeful life - and craft that life with conscious intention.



It's time to tap into your Divine Essence and Feminine Strength.


The world of ritual and ceremony no longer has the taboo and shame associated with the images of witches around a cauldron. This work is essential to the wellbeing of a healthy society and is no longer relegated to behind closed doors.
Come out of the spiritual closet and own your magic and power!

With some simple and foundational knowledge you can create a ceremonial life that feels balanced and in harmony.

It equips you to deal with the changes that are inherent in this human existence. 

It provides you with a leading edge for your practice with clients. 

It makes life more sacred, more beautiful and it changes your perspective on reality. 




The Modules

01 - Ritual and Ceremony Foundations

In our first module we will dive into the foundations that ceremony has within our culture and society. We uncover the differences between shamanic ceremony and other ceremonial practices, what they are for, why we do them and what result we can get from them. Here we will break down the core elements that every ritual or ceremony needs in order to craft it safely and for maximum impact. In this module you will be guided on a shamanic journey to meet your spirit guides (perhaps known ones or new ones!) and learn how to work with them in ceremony and ritual contexts, commencing your fundamental and foundational knowledge for how to apply this to work and life. 

02 - Sacred Space Essentials

Here we explore the beauty and artistry of ceremonial intentions and sacred space essentials. Understanding the different ceremonial tools you may like to experiment with will broaden your perspective and abilities to enhance the work you may do with clients or your own ceremonial practices. We will uncover the role of the ceremonialist and how you can energetically hold potent space for yourself and others during transformational episodes. In this module we will explore different rituals you can do as daily practices.

03 - Energy Hygiene Principles

The most fundamental component of who we are is energy. In week 3 we will go deep into all things energy and explore different practices we can do in order to maintain our energy, frequency and vibration at a level that best serves us to experience our most optimal life. Knowing how to train our energetic senses and feeling confident in using different energy sources allows us to work with more clarity, precision and strength. In this module you will be offered different rituals to work with all things energy.


04 - Creating Potent Experiences

In our final module we will share the ways to create beautiful ceremonial experiences for yourself, clients, friends and groups. Creativity in how you conduct ceremonies and rituals, as well as understanding what you may encounter during these experiences, prepares you to be able to manage the process with ease and confidence. Knowing how to care for your own emotional and energetic processes throughout gives you a leading edge to allow your own experience to be potent, transformational and joyous. In our masterclass you will be guided on a shamanic journey to receive a ceremony from your spirit guides that can best support you on your journey ahead.



4 week journey 


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Get ready for your life of
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